Our Business

We, "Kuriyama R&D Inc.",supply customers with ingredients by Research,Development,
Consignment supports and Personnel training.

Our Research and Development can provide the novel knowledge and know-how for the
 technical reports and patents in the market.
♦We suport your business by the chemical analysis,technical training and supports
 including the risk management for your products in Consignment supports.
♦For the improvement of your business and knowledge,we can provide the training
  project for short-and long term and support the human resource development for each
  company from point of the research and development.

We perform the role of RD center for our customers snd partners in the market.

  Equipment List
  〉Material Processing
   Test apparatus
  〉Physical Property
   Measuring Device
  〉Analysis Equipment
  〉Weather Meter, etc.

   Our Field
  〉Commissioned Test
  〉Human Resources

  Main Equipment
  〉Physical Property
   Measuring Device
  〉Weather Meter
  〉Analysis Equipment